Company & Partnerships

Shareholders Agreements

"it's important that a fully considered shareholders agreement is drafted"

A shareholders' agreement is an agreement between all the shareholders of a company. It is an essential and integral document that regulates the relationship with each other, the company and its directors. A carefully considered shareholders agreement will provide clarity and direction for all by setting out a framework as to how the company is to be governed and operated. It also helps to mitigate against potentially damaging disputes should they arise in the future.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

" An LLP must have a minimum of two members, but there is no limit to the maximum numbers of members"

Our corporate team can advise you on all aspects of an LLP. An LLP must have a minimum of two members, but there is no limit on the maximum number of members. At least two members must be named as the designated members, who have responsibility for dealing with Companies House filings. LLP's are treated differently to limited companies for tax purposes. An LLP is treated as an ordinary partnership, under which each of the partners is liable for their own income tax relating to their share of the LLPs profits. An LLP can be a useful structure under certain circumstances. 

Joint Venture Agreements

"A joint venture generally involves any arrangement where parties share risk and reward"

A joint venture can take a variety of forms but generally involve an agreement of two or more existing businesses agree to cooperate and combine resources to target a specific business project. A joint venture can also spread and dilute risk where the parties typically share the initial investment and share any on-going liability. The structure used to conduct the joint venture will usually take the form of a private company, a limited liability partnership, a partnership or simply a contractual agreement between the parties.

Limited Companies

"We can advise a limited company on a wide range of practice areas. We also offer SME retainers"

A limited company can be a useful structure to mitigate risk. A limited company is a separate legal entity and can acquire its own assets and debts. We regularly advise directors and shareholders in a wide range of disputes. We also offer employment law and HR services and SME business retainers. For more information speak with one of our company and partnership solicitors.


"partners are generally personally liable for the debts of the partnership"

A partnership is a relationship which exists between persons carrying on a business with a view to profit. Traditional partnerships can include; property investors, solicitors, accountants and medical professionals. We advice partners and partnerships on all aspects of the partnership life-cycle. From commencement to dissolution. Each partner is an agent of the firm for the purposes of the partnership business. The firm is therefore liable as the principal for agreement entered into by each individual partner in the course of the partnership business.

Commercial Litigation

"appointing Solicitors for your company can be one of the most important steps to grow and protect your business"

Working closely with company directors, business owners, shareholders, creditors and debtors, we are able to assist in the enforcement of entitlements and protect the rights of their business. As your trusted commercial advisors, we will work to understand all aspects of your business and provide authoritative advice that enables you to proceed with confidence. To discuss becoming a retained client, contact one of our commercial solicitors, to arrange a free consultation. Find out more about our SME retainer programme.

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