Dispute Resolution

Contract Disputes

"Contract disputes can generally be resolved in the first instance through strategic negotiation through lawyers"

Our team of dispute resolution solicitors are experts in contract law and work closely with leading Counsel. We approach every case differently and at the start of our instruction we create a bespoke legal strategy which works towards your desired outcome. Many disagreement can be solved without recourse to litigation and our dispute resolution team not only includes solicitors but accredited civil and commercial mediators who have been involved in disputes from £1k excess of £200m. To arrange a free consultation, contact our dispute resolution team.

Debt Recovery 

"unpaid invoices can have a profound impact on the cash flow of a business"

Debts can have a profound impact on the cash flow of a business. Our dispute resolution team has a proven track record of debt recovery and act for a wide range of businesses including other law firms, construction companies, manufacturers and technology companies. If you need assistance with debt recovery, contact a member of our dispute resolution team to arrange a free consultation. We have a number of funding options available including no win no fee.

Partnership, Director and Shareholder Disputes

"Internal disputes can often have devastating impact on a business. We can help you ensure this does not happen"

Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors draw on years of commercial experience and a proven track record for resolving disputes quickly. Whether you are looking to start a business, leave a business or a dispute has arisen internally, our team of specialist solicitors can help you. If you are a director, business owner or shareholder and require assistance, contact a member of our dispute resolution team to arrange a free consultation. We can also assist your business with your HR requirements.  

Professional Negligence

"Professional negligence claims can be complex. Therefore, it is important that you seek early advice"

Professional negligence claims can be complex, stressful, time consuming and expensive. Swift legal action is essential to ensure that an early resolution can be reached and financial losses are recovered. There are special rules that apply to professional negligence claims therefore, it is important that you take specialist legal advice. If you have a professional negligence claim or have had a claim presented against you, contact a member of our dispute resolution team to arrange a free consultation. 

Landlord and Tenant Disputes 

"Disputes involving real estate can have huge consequences. Therefore, it is important that you seek early legal advice"

Investment property, whether residential or commercial, can be a highly rewarding venture however, when something goes wrong, it can often have devastating consequences. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, our specialist real estate solicitors can advise you on a wide range of matters including; eviction, leases, tenancy agreements, non-payment of rent, possession proceedings and breach of covenants. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our real estate solicitors. 

Neighbour and Boundary Disputes 

" Your home is your castle and neighbour and boundary disputes can have a profound impact on your life"

Our real estate team has a strong reputation for providing individuals and businesses with advice on neighbouring and boundary disputes. We work closely with property owners and tenants on a full range of matters including; protecting their property rights and boundary rights, resolving right of way and parking disputes, breach of restrictions and instances of nuisance or trespassing. If you are experiencing any of these issues contact our real estate team to arrange a free consultation. 

Commercial Litigation

"appointing Solicitors for your company can be one of the most important steps to grow and protect your business"

Working closely with company directors, business owners, shareholders, creditors and debtors, we are able to assist in the enforcement of entitlements and protect the rights of their business. As your trusted commercial advisors, we will work to understand all aspects of your business and provide authoritative advice that enables you to proceed with confidence. To discuss becoming a retained client, contact one of our commercial solicitors, to arrange a free consultation. Find out more about our SME retainer programme.


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