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Employment Tribunals

What are employment tribunals?

An employment tribunal is an independent judicial body that deals with disputes between employers and employees. There are a number of claims that can be presented to the employment tribunal. The types of claims you may take to the tribunal include, or relate to:

- Discrimination

- Unfair Dismissal

- Wrongful Dismissal

- Constructive Dismissal

- Redundancy Payments

How do I present a claim to the employment tribunal?


There are a number of important steps that you must take before you issue your claim to the employment tribunal, including, in most cases, referring your claim to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. After which you can complete something called an ET1 form. We strongly recommend that you speak with a specialist solicitor before doing this as issuing your claim incorrectly can result in it being thrown out, you could be required to pay costs or additional case management orders may be given.

Employment tribunal representation


At the employment tribunal we can be your legal representative. We work with a team of specialist employment law solicitors and barristers that will be able to discuss your case with you and what you should expect to happen in the employment tribunal. 

Does the unsuccessful party pay the winners legal costs?

Costs are rarely awarded in the employment tribunal as they do not "follow the event" as they do in civil courts. That means, the tribunal will not necessarily make an order that the losing party pays the winning party's costs. However, a successful applicant should normally make a costs application in respect of witness expenses.

What are case management orders?

Generally, after you have submitted your claim, you will receive a notice of claim from the employment tribunal. This usually provides you with the date of when your case will be heard and a number of tasks to undertake, known as case management orders. Such tasks may include; the production of a schedule of loss, list of documents, preparation of a joint bundle and your witness statement. It may be the case that your matter is listed for a preliminary hearing first.

I think I have a claim. What should I do?

Well in short, contact us now. Employment Tribunals can be a complex area of law and we have a team of specialist employment law solicitors ready to help you. We can also offer you a free case analysis if you not sure whether you have a claim.


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