Family Law

Divorce or Dissolution Proceedings

"The party applying for a divorce or dissolution is known as the petitioner and the parties must have been married for at least one year"

Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is the process of terminating a marriage. Before you start a divorce you must ensure that you satisfy the legal requirements for obtaining a divorce or dissolution. Issuing divorce proceedings can be distressing and it may take some time to reach the decision that the marriage is at an end, even if the marriage has been unhappy for many years. If divorce is an option and you would like to know what your legal rights are, contact one of our specialist family law solicitors to arrange a free consultation. 

Agreements and Financial Settlements 

"Couples can enter into an agreement before getting married or after they separate"

In place of ancillary relief, financial relief is a term commonly used to describe the range of financial orders that the court may make in proceedings for divorce. If you are considering divorce, it is important that you seek specialist advice on the separation of money and assets. This can be done amicably by a separation agreement  or a consent order but it should be fair. Couples may also wish to enter into agreements prior to getting married to ensure both understand what will happen in the event of a relationship breakdown. If your relationship or civil partnership has broken down then you may need advice on how the assets should be divided. This can be complicated therefore, it is important that you seek early advice. To arrange a free consultation, contact one of our specialist family law solicitors.


"The welfare of the child will be the courts paramount concern and parents should, if possible reach an agreement themselves"

Children are often the most affected by a relationship breakdown. Every decision that the court makes in family proceedings is based upon a principle enshrined in The Children Act 1989 called the welfare principle which places the child's welfare at the courts paramount consideration. The court will only make an order relating to a child if it is better for the child than not making an order at all. The legislation supports the general principle that it is always better for families and children if parents are able to come to an agreement themselves. If you need advice regarding children or need help in reaching an agreement contact one of our specialist family law solicitors to arrange a free consultation.

Court of Protection and Lasting Powers of Attorney

"decision making is important and whether an individual lacks capacity depends on the action that can be taken"

When a family member lacks the mental capacity to make important financial decisions, we can help family members make an application to the court of protection to become a deputy. If mental capacity is not an issue then a lasting power of attorney may be appropriate for individuals wanting to appoint someone to deal with their affairs. Special rules apply to both and it is therefore you seek independent legal advice. Contact one of our specialist solicitors to arrange a free consultation. 

Last Will and Testament

"You don't need to wait until you're elderly to make a will. to ensure that your wishes are carried"

Writing a will ensures that your wishes regarding your money, your possessions and your property are carried out after you die and that your family and loved ones are carefully considered in the way you want. We offer a wide range of will writing services, ranging from bespoke wills or mirror wills. If you need a will, contact one of our specialist wills and probate solicitors. Our wills start at only £99+VAT.

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