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Find out more about Hunter Lawyers Family Law services.

Family Law

Hunter Lawyers has a dedicated and experienced family law team of Solicitors who represent clients in family law matters and disputes nationwide. We offer a wide range of funding including fixed fee and pay later funding. Contact us to get a free case review.

Divorce and Separation

If you are thinking about getting divorced or considering your next move, instruct Hunter Lawyers to advise you throughout the process. We offer a wide range of funding options including fixed fee or pay later funding. 

Financial Settlements

Sorting out the finances during separation can be one of the hardest parts of getting divorced or dissolving a civil partnership. We are proud to have a specialist family law team who can advise you throughout the process and ensure that you obtain what is fair.

Child Arrangements

After separation, parents often disagree on what is best for the children. Disputes can arise which can often be detrimental for the children. Hunter Lawyers has a team of specialist family law solicitors who regularly act for parents in dispute. 

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are planning on getting married or entering into a civil partnership and you are looking to have a written record of understanding in the event you separate, a prenuptial or pre-partnership agreement be be a sensible investment. For more information speak to one of our family law solicitors.

and Fertility

Whether you are considering adopting a child in the UK or conceiving a child through gamete donation, co-parenting or via surrogacy. Contact one of our specialist family law solicitors to obtain advice and to help you identify any issues that may arise.


If you have suffered domestic violence you may need to take emergency action to safeguard yourself or your children. Contact one of our specialist family law solicitors for a free case review. If you are in immediate danger, call 999 for assistance from the emergency services.

Unmarried  Cohabiting

Many more couples are living together, unmarried or without forming a civil partnership. Cohabitants' rights are more complicated and many think they are protected. To find out what your rights are or if a dispute has arisen, contact one of our family law solicitors for a free case review. 

Family Businesses

Family disputes involving family businesses are common and can have a dramatic and complex impact on the future. Our team of family law solicitors and mediators have helped hundreds of people reach an amicable solution. We offer a free case review.

Court of Protection

If a family member loses capacity it can be hugely stressful for their loved ones. Appointing a deputy through the Court of Protection is one of the most common ways for a person to be able to manage the financial and property affairs of a person who has lost capacity. Contact us for a free case review.

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