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Landlord: Evicting a Tenant

You must follow strict procedures if you want your tenants to leave your property. The exact procedure will depend on the tenancy agreement and its terms.

The 2 types of assured shorthold tenancies are:

  • ‘periodic’ tenancies - these run with no fixed end date

  • fixed-term tenancies - these run for a set amount of time

You must follow a set process if your tenants have an assured shorthold tenancy ("AST").

  1. Give your tenants a Section 21 notice if you want the property back after a fixed term ends. Give them a Section 8 notice if they’ve broken the terms of the tenancy.

  2. Apply to the court for a standard possession order if your tenants do not leave by the date specified on the notice and they owe you rent. You can apply for an accelerated possession order if you’re not claiming any unpaid rent.

  3. Apply for a warrant for possession if your tenants still will not leave - this means bailiffs can remove the tenants from your property.

If you are a landlord experiencing difficulties with a tenant, contact us to arrange a free consultaiton


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